28 - Richard Fetherston - Snowbility

Welcome to episode 28 of The Ski Instructor Podcast sponsored by www.kaestle.com 

This week I chat with Richard Fetherston of Snowbility, a company that specialises in inclusive snowsport.  Richard and his team work with skiers of all ages who don't thinking or learn like the rest of us.  I tripped myself up a few times calling this adaptive but it's not that, it's more in the realm of those with learning disabilities.

I chat to Richard about his journey in skiing, how he came to start Snowbility and how it works teaching his clients year round indoors in the Hemel Snowdome.  We also touch on mental health and a couple of tangents to do with golf and sailing.

I hope you enjoy this podcast as much as I did making it.  You can get in touch with Richard at https://snowbility.co.uk


Dave Burrows

SnowPros Ski School




music by www.bensound.com


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